Your website should be one of the most important marketing tools that you employ. Your website is a direct reflection of your company, and in today’s challenging business environment, there is no room for a sub par website. Your website should catch the eye of your clients and potential customers at first glance. A good website should be creative, attractive, informational, professional and consistent with your company’s image.

Functionality should also be a major factor that is taken into consideration when creating your website. Ease of navigation is one of the most fundamental elements of a functional website. Too many times we have seen websites that have a design that may catch the eye but lack good navigation. Ultimately, the website’s viewers will get frustrated and move on because of the cumbersome navigation. With all of the information contained on the Internet, the easier your website is to navigate, the more a user or customer is inclined to read your particular site.

A Content Management System can be an essential part of your company’s website. A CMS site can help reduce the cost and frustration associated with editing your website. They can also be used to help you turn your website into to a tool that you can use to operate your business.

We generally recommend WordPress as a CMS Platform, but also can build a site on Drupal or Joomla. A CMS Site will give you and your staff the ability to easily keep your website up to date. You do not need to know anything about HTML coding or how a website works. You will simply need to login in to the administrative dashboard of you website, click on the item you want to update and make your changes. Once completed you save the changes and log out. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Bottom Line: In this day in age, your website should be the focal point of your business and should not only be pleasing to the eye but should be professional and functional so your customers are inclined to stay as well as refer your site to others.