Web Application Development

Web applications can be an essential part of your company's website. We applications can help reduce the cost and frustration associated with editing your website. They can also be used to help you turn your website into to a tool that you can use to operate your business from.

Custom web applications give you and your staff the ability to easily keep your website up to date. Some of our more popular web applications allow a user to upload documents and forms to the client's website as well as calendar and news employment posting areas. When using our custom web applications, you do not need to know anything about HTML coding or how a website works. You will simply need to login in to a administrative area of you website, click on the item you want to update and make you r changes. Once completed you save the changes and log out. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Many of our customers need a way to make their website more of a tool to run their business from. For these clients we develop robust database platforms that allow their website to be turned into a virtual company of sorts. We have developed a wide range of web based software applications that have allowed countless business to operate more efficiently than they ever have. These large scale applications can connect multiple branch offices located all over the world by simply accessing the company's website. These web applications can give a business owner the freedom to travel abroad and know that he can check on the status of his business from any roadside Internet cafe.

Our programmers primarily code in but are not limited to, ASP, SQL, JavaScript, XML and AJAX. We prefer to use Microsoft's ASP and ASP.NET but are not limited to these languages and can on request, develop in PHP. On the design side, our multimedia designers efficient use ActionScripting and Flash animation to create some exciting animated design elements.

Micro Web Design has developed a wide range of applications anywhere from forms management and inventory listings to E-commerce sites and ticket management systems. All of our developers have a minimum of 10 years of experience in developing database driven websites and full web applications. Basically as we like to say, if you can dream it, we can build it!

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